Olde Hickory Celebrates Twenty Years With “Omega Point”

Olde Hickory is no stranger to aging beer in barrels, as anyone who has had beers like Lindley Park and Event Horizon well know. Lindley Park, an imperial stout brewed with honey and raspberries and aged in bourbon barrels, will be out in the last week of October, according to founder Steven Lyerly. Event Horizon, a barrel-aged imperial stout brewed with honey, will be out around Thanksgiving.

But perhaps the biggest news is that in December the brewery will have its first ever brewery-only release. The brewery has been aging its Irish Walker barleywine style ale in bourbon barrels, some for as long as seven years. They will blend some of these barrels together to create Omega Point. According to the venerable Wikipedia, an Omega Point is “the purported maximum level of complexity and consciousness towards which some believe the universe is evolving.” The base Irish Walker received a silver medal at this year’s World Beer Cup.

There are no details as to the date, price or bottle counts at this time, but the release will take place this December at the brewery. Until then, we have Lindley Park and Event Horizon to look forward to. In the next few weeks, Olde Hickory will also transition to six-packs for its core beers. You can see the new labels for these — as well as the new Lindley Park and Event Horizon labels — here.

Olde Hickory Omega Point

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