Olde Hickory Reveals Redesigned Labels, 12-ounce Bottles

Now in their 20th year, Olde Hickory Brewing is a veteran among North Carolina breweries. And while they have been brewing a great selection of core beers, seasonals and limited releases for two decades now, they could use a refresher when it comes to their label designs.

Their new labels for their core beers show that they will get that and then some. Olde Hickory has unveiled sharp new labels that all feature a cohesive look and important “vitals” about the beers. You will notice that most of the labels below say “22 ounces,” but the brewery says these will actually be changing to 12-ounce bottles to be sold in six-packs.

Personally, I think the new labels look great. What do you think about the new designs and the move to six-packs?

Oct. 13 edit: I just added the new labels for Event Horizon and Lindley Park. 

Black Raven Death By Hops Hefe-Weizen Hickory Stick Stout Piedmont Pilsner Ruby Lager Table Rock Pale Ale

Olde Hickory Oktoberfest

Olde Hickory Event Horizon Olde Hickory Lindley Park

Olde Hickory Redeember

3 thoughts on “Olde Hickory Reveals Redesigned Labels, 12-ounce Bottles

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