A Release Date And A Regret

“Beer Lover’s the Carolinas” has an official release date of April 15, but since copies could hit shelves as early as late March I built this bare bones website just to keep everyone up-to-date regarding future signings and events (I’ll continue to do that through Facebook and Twitter, too).

As excited as I am to share the book with everyone, I do have one regret. If you followed the project early on, you might remember that the book was initially going to be released in January. Because I submitted the draft in early October, that means that a few breweries have opened that didn’t make the book. Keeping any printed product up-to-date is a lesson in futility, but Eric (the book’s photographer) and I did our best to visit many breweries that had not yet opened (though they have now, of course).

I truly feel bad that I couldn’t squeeze this newest crop of breweries in, so I’d like to use this first post to give them a little love. Please make sure to visit the following breweries that have recently opened or will be doing soon:

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